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Senior Process Improvement Lead Atlanta, GA Starr and Associates is seeking to fill a Senior Process Improvement Lead position. The position requires 5+ years of experience solving complex problems and leading change.  Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of defining business practices, processes, information flows, data stores, and systems. The ability to make useful inferences and drive improvement actions from large data sets is essential.  Successful candidates will exhibit polished oral and written communication skills while engaging colleagues and clients. Strong analytical skills are a must, as interpreting, mining and summarizing data to infer meaningful conclusions is a huge part of the job function. The candidate must be self-motivated and able to function effectively with minimal direct supervision. 

There may be periods of up to 75% travel required. Daily work activities are managed within a virtual environment supported by the option or requirement on occasion to telecommute to meet with client.
Senior Data Architect & Analyst Atlanta, GA We are currently seeking to fill a Senior Data Architect & Analyst position. The position requires 5 – 15 years of prior experience as a data analyst or architect. The position is a consultative technical position working with large enterprise customers who will implement data management solutions on multiple BI platforms. We are looking for a candidate who can interact directly with our clients to consult, solicit business rules, design and build solutions to address the client’s business intelligence and/or data management challenges. The Senior Data Architect & Analyst maybe required to build, modify, and maintain data entities based on customer requirements and initiatives. This position requires working well in teams, as well as independently on projects. As a customer facing position, excellent communication (oral and written), customer expectation management, responsiveness to customer needs, being proactive in anticipating technical challenges, being meticulous and having a consultative approach are extremely important to be successful in this position. 

The ideal candidate will be responsive to customer needs, take a proactive approach in anticipating technical and political challenges throughout a project, have great organization skills with attention to detail, and will take a consultative approach to solving complex Data Management issues.

Candidates must demonstrate expertise with Tableau for dashboard development and have advanced skills to query and manipulate data using both SQL and Excel. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in making useful inferences and driving improvement actions from large data sets that are messy and not easily understood. There may be up to 75% travel required and daily work activities are managed within a virtual environment supported by the ability to telecommute.
Associate Consultant Washington DC, or Atlanta GA Starr and Associates, LLC is seeking a results-oriented individual to join its team as an Associate Consultant driving efficiency and leading change. Our consultants help our clients develop and implement business strategies, design effective operating models, cut costs, and improve operations. 

Successful candidates are focused on driving operational improvements by providing strategic planning, program management, and execution support to our client’s major initiatives. The individual occupying this role will work with senior executives to define and prioritize the set of improvement initiatives, manage the portfolio of projects, redesign processes, drive change, and oversee the development of measurement tools that monitor success. The ideal candidate will thrive in a work environment that requires strong problem-solving skills and self-direction, coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication.

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